5 benefits of short term health insurance

“Top 5 benefits of short-term (for those buying to fill a short-term gap in coverage)

1. They start quickly – In some instances, you can have short-term coverage in place within 24 hours.

2. They’re affordable – Between April and June of 2014, the average individual eHealth customer paid 7 per month, on average, for short-term coverage – although short-term coverage is more limited.

3. They cover emergencies – Most short-term health plans are designed primarily to provide you with coverage and protection from unexpected injuries and illnesses that require emergency medical care.

4. They satisfy many non-government requirements for insurance – If you need to verify that you have health insurance for travel, or in order to get admitted to certain types of schools, like nursing or dental schools, short-term plans often satisfy those coverage requirements.

5. You can cancel at anytime – When you apply for short-term health insurance, you’ll typically have the option to pay for your coverage all at once, or you can pay month-to-month. If you pay month-to-month, its very easy to cancel your plan at any time. ”
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How To Get On Track Financially

images (10)Many people go through life feeling as though the world is against them.  This is usually because their financial situation is a mess.  People in this situation can avoid feeling like a victim by taking control of their finances.  This means becoming financially literate, saving money and eliminating debt.

Anybody who has a loan, credit card or overdraft should make getting out of debt their number one priority.  Unfortunately, debt is not something that magically goes away.  Borrowers will have to be pro-active if they wish to become debt free.

The simplest way to do this is make payments in FULL and on time.  Anything less than this could affect the borrower’s credit rating.  Those who can afford to do so may wish to pay more than their required minimum repayment amount.  If borrowers do this, they should ensure that the lender does not charge an early repayment fee.

A borrower’s worst enemy when it comes to debt is late fees and interest rates.  If borrowers only make minimum repayments, they will pay very little of the principal amount off.  This will only extend the lifespan of their debt.

The key to paying off debt is prioritizing the debt with the highest interest rates.  If a borrower is having a hard time paying off their loan, they should speak to the lender about a payment plan or debt consolidation loan.  Payday loans should be avoided unless the borrower is in a dire situation.

Financial freedom is not a difficult goal to achieve.  Once debtors have paid off their loan, they can start saving for the future.  These savings can be invested, passed down as an inheritance or used to purchase something.  When all debt is paid off, borrowers should focus on limiting their spending and living within their means.

What To Do If You Are Overweight And Need Life Insurance

Obesity is a problem that affects millions of people throughout the world. In areas where people have access to virtually any type of food that they want, it makes it more difficult for them to resist the temptation of consuming food products that are going to lead to gaining weight. If you have a genuine problem with obesity, and you are going to apply for a life insurance policy, you may find that your premium is going to be much higher. In fact, depending upon how much weight you have packed on over the last few years, some companies may actually deny you. Here are some tips on what you can do if you are overweight and you need a life insurance policy to protect your family a case you are no longer there.overweight and need life insurance

Statistics On Obesity In America

In a recent study that was actually conducted by the CDC, over 30% of Americans over the age of 20 are considered to be technically obese. The remaining percentage, almost 70% of the people in the United States are considered to be overweight. This makes it very difficult for people to get the lowest possible premium when applying for this type of policy. You have to remember that a life insurance carrier is going to pay out a substantial sum of money if you die. If there is a higher probability that your current health could lead to a premature death, something that obesity can certainly do, they are going to ask for higher premiums to compensate for what may happen while you are insured with their company.

Different Types Of Health Ratings

Life insurance policies have different premiums based upon what are called Standard, Standard plus, Preferred and Preferred Plus. The higher you are on this rating scale, the lower your premium will be. If you are currently obese, or overweight, you can do a lot in a short amount of time to get your weight under control. You can start dieting, removing excessive amounts of carbohydrates and fatty foods from your diet, in order to make a definite change. Regular exercise will also help, and all of this will help extend your life (to learn more about reducing your life insurance rates if you are overweight Click Here) . Whether you simply want to feel better about yourself, increase the probability of a longer life, or qualify for a lower life insurance premium, changing your habits in regard to your exercise and eating routines can help you live longer and get the best possible life insurance premiums.

How To Find Life Insurance If You Are A High Risk Client

A lot of people who have not been able to find an affordable life insurance policy end up feeling that there are no affordable policies for them. If you are considered as a high risk client by insurance providers, you should know that there are affordable options for you. You should take the time to compare the different policies available to you and select one that corresponds to your budget.

It is possible that insurance providers have refused to insure you if you have chronic health issues and are over the age of 50. If you have been offered coverage, it is likely that the premiums were a lot more than what you could afford. However, subscribing to life insurance is very important, especially if you fit in the high risk category.

High Risk Life Insurance Companies

There are insurance providers who offer policies to individuals who find themselves in the high risk categories. The goal of these companies is to offer affordable high risk life insurance coverage to everyone. These insurance providers have a good understanding of several types of risks and can usually work with you to put together a life insurance policy that corresponds to the amount of coverage you need and to your budget.

You will have to provide your insurance with as much information as possible about your medical problems and your lifestyle. These details will be used to assess your risks and to create a policy that will correspond to your needs. You will not get the lowest premiums available but you will be able to subscribe to an affordable policy and get a fair amount of coverage.

You can find affordable life insurance by selecting the right insurance provider. The risk category you find yourself in should not keep you from purchasing a life insurance policy.